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Space Suits

A New Book by
Christine J. Deaton

Will preview first 5 chapters

Space Suits 
Story by Christine J. Deaton

Chapter 1 The teacher introduced the new kid to the class. “Class” she said, “this is Marvin. He just moved here from Mississippi. I’d like you to welcome him to our classroom and to our community and make him feel at home. I would also like you to take it upon yourselves to help him ease into our daily routine.” She addresses Marvin, “Marvin, you can have a seat right over there by Kenneth Lawson. Kenneth, will you raise your hand please.” As Kenneth reluctantly raised his hand, his eyes scanning back and forth at the daggered eyes pointed in his direction. There was no doubt that he had misgivings about the new kid that was about to sit next to him and the wrath and jokes he’d experience from his classmates because the new kid was his neighbor. Kenneth was kind enough though not to say anything. Marvin obediently went to his new seat and every eye in the classroom was again on him. As I glanced over at Marvin, two things went through my mind. My first thought was, “thank God! Here’s the new bait for all the bigots and bullies in the class.” You see…Marvin was a short, chubby, black kid with a small, unkempt afro and thick framed, big, brown glasses. I immediately knew this kid, in this predominantly white, upper class, bigoted community didn't have a chance! The second thought in my head was, “maybe with Marvin around, they’ll leave me alone”. Both my thoughts left me feeling quite guilty, kind of ashamed of myself.My name is Noam, Noam Kos. I am Jewish. When I moved here one year ago, I was the new bait! I’ve had a horrible year. I’ve been beaten up, spit on, ridiculed, laughed at, and I think worst of all, almost on a daily basis, my Yarmulka has been destroyed in one way or another. It has been snatched off my head, stepped on, torn, spit on, you name it. I think the worst offense was that Miller kid peeing on it. Sick! I went home extremely upset that day...much more than usual. Back to the new kid, my sympathies to Marvin!

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